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How SEO Works - Site Optimization by mprc Web Services

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, is a tried and trusted method of making your website more 'Search Engine Friendly'. There's not much use in having a fantastic and informative website if no one can find it!

There are ways and means of ensuring that your website gets noticed by the
Search Engines and therefore found by users who input search terms in order to discover the information they need. Search Engines use specific criteria in order to test the relevance of any website that they have indexed to any particular keyword or phrase input into an Internet user's browser search box. The more relevant the content of a website page, the higher up the Search Engine Results Page(s) (SERP) it will appear. The most prized of SERP rankings is on the first page of Google, which is by far the most popular and used Search Engine on the web today. There are of course others and it is important not to discount these, as some ISP's use other proprietory brands and many businesses with multiple PC's within their organisations, will have a Search Engine common to all their workstations, which might not be Google!

We do however use
Google approved techniques, which eliminates the risk of being 'penalized' by their general rules - not all of which are entirely transparent!

For those of you with the confidence to 'do-it yourself', we have launched a '
SEO Hints & Tips' website, which we hope will ensure that you avoid mistakes and pitfalls that can occur in the SEO process. There is absolutely no charge for using this resource - the site is supported by advertising, as are many of the 'free access' websites nowadays. However, these will not interfere with the core content and if you find anything of interest that might tempt you to buy, then we will receive a small amount of commission for a successful sale - it all helps to keep us online.

Such ranking results do not come about too easily and there is a requirement to use website opimization techniques in order to obtain the best results, which could take anything from 4 weeks to 3 months to achieve.

We are experts in our field. Our experience of providing
optimization for websites over the last 9 years, has proved very successful, both for clients and sites we run for not-for-profit organisations.

Searching the Web is truly Global, let mprc Web Services help your business improve its' online presence with their SEO programmes...
Just a few of the Search Engines used by mprc Web Services for SEO

Our SEO techniques DO NOT follow 'Black Hat' principles - we check Search Engine protocols regularly to ensure compliance.

Google Analytics, a web marketing tool used by mprc Web Services

There are really only 4-5 major Search engines, which between them account for 98% of the search engine market. In addition, there are about 70 'lesser' Search Engines and Directories, which are worth submitting to, as they feed the majors, or are more specialised and focus on specific market sectors.

Even if you do your own
site optimization, make no mistake, SEO is a necessary requirement for the Internet of today, with now literally millions of websites, all competing to be seen and visited by potential customers. Our programmes focus on this core need and for an affordable fee, we leave you to get on with the business that you run.

mprc Web Services can help you with your web presence - let us take the strain! Sometimes however, you may wish to check out other options. For example seo packages, may be of interest in your quest for site optimisation.

Want to know more? email us and we will get back to you. Please allow up to two business days.

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